Consultation required on Arduino powered Android controlled car

Hi, sorry if i am posting this in the wrong section, this is my first post here.

I have to do a project from school which involves programming Arduino Uno, i decided my project to be andriod controlled arduino powered car. I would like to know what are the main requirements for this project.

So far i have these parts in my list:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Bluetooth Module
  3. Servo (to steer the car)
  4. Motor (for acceleration)
  5. Battery

Is there anything else that i am missing? How would i approach this project in terms of wiring. I got programming part covered as i have programming skills.

Thank You

In school they teach to start a project by making a list and a plan. But the Arduino is just to try it and have fun. You learn along the way.

You would also need an app (there are free apps for that), a driver board for the motor (perhaps an H-bridge driver or only a mosfet), maybe a DC-DC converter to make other voltages.

You can start with the Arduino Uno and make a led blink.

A way of amplifying your signal.. transistors or a darlington array or fets... then protection in the form of a flyback diode for inductive spikes which can kill your transistors/uno.