Consumption recorded and sent to the web

Is it possible to use any sensor to record consumption data of a component and send it to a webpage serving the aim of a destination for the data? If yes, please give me some ideas, information, codes and anything i might find helpful!

consumption of what exactly?

There are TONS of examples on the internet of Arduino projects that measure something and send the data to a webserver. And TONS of other examples where the Arduino measures something and serves a webpage with the data itself. What exactly do you want to do? Have you looked at any of the thousands of examples of these types of projects on this forum and elsewhere on the web?

What i mean is to record the energy consumption of a component and store it to a webpage. Im trying to implement a home automation system and part of it includes measuring the appliance consumption (i will annotate appliances with leds and motors) and according to these consumption data i will then control the output of the components e.g turn the led on and off. I am new to programming arduino and everything i find its slighty off the scope. I dont know if i am searching using the wrong terminologies. Please help me by rpviding me some guidance if you can or provide me with any websites you think will help?