Consumption with Microphone

I am building an arduino, and a KY-037 sound sensor will be connected to it. I know my consumption of the arduino, but is the consumption the same with the sound sensor connected? I fnot, how do I calculate the new consumption?

You simply sum the power (or current) requirements for everything to determine the total.
If the current consumption isn't given (I can't find data on the KY-037) then you'll have to measure it if you want to know.

Do you have any sound sensor to suggest me?

Is there something wrong with the KY-037?

For what application?

Android Pro mini.
I just cant find anywhere on the internet the consumption of KY037.

You'd probably just have to measure it with a multimeter. It's not something I've seen published for similar boards either.

Current consumption should be insignificant compared to the Arduino.

I haven't seen a schematic for this board but a condenser microphone typically requires about 1mA. The LEDs could take 5 or 10mA when on. The op-amp and bias resistors probably add a few more mA.

If you connect a "load" (a low impedance/resistance) to the sound sensor's output that will increase current. An Arduino input has super-high resistance/impedance and it essentially draws zero current.

Its probably got an opamp, so expect 4 to 10mA sort of region. It you need to know that accurately measure it - consumption specifications are subject to considerable variation in practice.

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