Consutomized audio massage by pressing numbers through DTMF 8870

I want to make a project with a cell phone and a DTMF control a centrifugal pump far outside from my home.Now for turning on i am make a call on cell phone attached to DTMF and press 1 and similarly press 2 for stop.I am not get the feed back like fault or no power etc.
I want to advance it like

  1. when there is any fault (fuse burn or tripping) a call is made on my number from pump cell phone. Already a system is there which stop pump is any fault occurs and turns on a Red LED.i want use it
    2.when i make a call or other one one cell phone attached to DTMF, a initial guide is required like press 1for pump start , press 2 for pump stop etc. So this can be spoken by cell phone just like coustomer care.
    (Something like when a call made on cell phone on pump after that a automatic voice should coming giving inital guide for doing work.)

For there two tasks i want to use my Arduino uno

Consutomized audio massage

Something to whisper sweet nothings for tired muscles?

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