Cont. rotation servo

I’m trying to program a continuous rotation servo to run in either direction. It’s driving me nuts. It will run one direction for numerous revolutions then abruptly change direction. If I run it the opposite direction, it will run for a while then slow down to a stop and start in the opposite direction. I’ll try to paste the code below. Thanks for any direction you can give.
#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo;
int pos = 70;
void setup() {
void loop()
//delay (1000);}
{ for (pos =70; pos+= 1;) { // - = clockwise, + = counter clockwise

pos goes from 70 to 32767 then to -32767 to 0, t0 32767.

The servo responds exactly to those values...

Take a look at this.


for (pos =70;  pos+= 1;)

Please explain what you think this for loop does.

Have you tried printing the value of pos ?