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Anybody know where I can contact a member - Erik de Ruiter



did you try @edr1924

Have you tried sending a PM to edr1924 ?

Let's try pinging him from this topic

@ edr1924 - are you there ? It is unlikely because he was last seen in March 2019, but you never know

I'm alive and well! :slight_smile:

I'm glad to hear it

@Musicmanager over to you

We have a caller! :wink: Can I help?

Thank you very much for your help .. .. .. .


Hi Eric

Thanks for responding .. .

I'm very much an electronics novice, especially when it comes to code, BUT .. .. ..

I'm hell bent on building a version of your Gorgy Clock .. .. if you want to take off for the hills, now would be a good time ! :rofl:

I've got my hands on all the bits and I intend to build on breadboards, section at a time and then put it together later.

My enquiry about contacting you is because there are some bits I don't understand and I will need some help when I get to them; I was keen to check you were still around and willing.

As somebody famous once said .. ' I'll be back ! '

Thanks very much


Hello MM, the Georgy clock was one of my most fun projects and the clock is happily ticking away for 8 years now next to my bedside.

Sure I'm willing to help but you'll have to dig in... I myself learned by making countless mistakes, sometime day's of searching and frustration before taking the next small step.

If I can give one important advise: buy a GENUINE Arduino Mega board and genuine sensors and especially the Maxim LED display chips... I had lots of trouble, sometimes after a few months, with chinese fakes. The ARE all (did I say ALL?) fakes... the chinese make their own chips which seem to work fine but have often unexpected behaviour which can drive you unto the wall...

I myself bought Adafruit displays/sensors etc.

Have fun!!

Hi Eric

Thanks for that .. .. .

I entirely understand your reference to digging in .. I learnt more from my mistakes than anything else and to my mind, is all part of the fun !

I do have genuine parts for this - I have enough problems with my 'fake' ideas without adding fake components to the equation.

So far, I have the clock system built on breadboards - I've used an 8 x8 matrix to simulate the seconds LED's which works fine; I have 2 x MAX 7219's - 0ne driving a 4 digit 7 seg and the other 2 x 4 digit 7 segs; also a DS 3231 providing the date & time data via a Mega.

They all work individually but my current voyage of discovery is cascading the 7219's so that they work together. I'm not there yet but I'm content to keep at it .. .. .



Hi MM, cascading the 7219's is very simple! In my code you'll see that each display in the chain get's a number, the first being '0', the next 1 etc.

Great that you have genuine parts to work with... it's worth the extra price I think, certainly on the long run... :slight_smile: The TFT display I use for example is still working great after all these years!

Let me know if I can help but my 'computer time' is limited due to eyesight issues but I will try anyway.

Hi Eric

Again, Thanks for your support .. ..

I discovered the cascading was not as difficult as I had anticipated, managed with only a little angst !
My current battle is a little more complex. I successfully reproduced the data from the Temp Sensor (BMP 280 ) & the Humidity Sensor ( HTU21DF ) on a 1.8 inch TFT.
However, I also went with the idea of a piece of Black Gloss Acrylic, overlayed with a piece of Smoked Grey .. .. it produces a real quality look to the 7 seg, but the TFT is not too bright and consequently, very poor.
I concluded the best was to move the sensor data on to 7 seg also, but that is proving a real challenge. I've found several examples of 'how to .. .. .. ' but not one yet that works.

I entirely understand your comments of 'computer time, etc ' ;
Whilst I'm grateful for any contribution you do offer, I have no expectation whatsoever;
I enjoy the challenge of a voyage of discovery, although I do occasionally drop kick a project over the garage roof out of frustration.

Best Regards


Hi Eric

I thought I'd share a WIP with you .. .. .. after much struggle and angst I have a working model, albeit unfinished aesthetically .. .. ..

Clock WIP 3
Clock WIP 4

Not up to your standard but I'm reasonably pleased with my efforts .. . .

Best Regards


Hello Musicmanager! I apologise for not responding but I have trouble getting notifications. I don't know how to solve that. I do have eye trouble now so computer time is limited but I can always reply but this time I didn't see your question!
But YOU SUCCEEDED! I am glad you did not burned the project in your garden but with much trouble got a fantastic clock! I also had so much sad backs but learned so much by pressing on!!

The TFT being not so bright is a mistery to me, I had to reduce the backlight quite a bit and I use a brown smoke acrylic panel?!

But your solution is great!

Again sorry for not responding earlier, I will look into the email issue.

Hi Eric

Good to hear from you .. don't worry about timings, delays etc .. we all have busy times a foot !
Having said that, if you look in your profile .. preferences .. notifications .. there is a section section devoted to email notifications .. a click or two might improve things for you.

I think the TFT issue is just related to the particular TFT, they all seem to be different; I've ended up quite happy with my result.

The finished article .. ..

the 7 seg showing temp at 24.7 deg, scrolls between temp / baro pressure / humidity at 15 sec intervals.

I did try and complete a DST setup, but I couldn't get that stable so I abandoned that bit.

The clock is now on my Daughter in law's kitchen wall .. .. ..

Again, good to hear from you


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Hello MM, the clock is beau-ti-ful! what a difference the acrylic makes...
Despite all the modern displays, I most like LED's. :slight_smile:

I had set up my email notification but now I changed it to my main account so it seems to work as I saw your reply.

Have fun with maybe other projects?

It's amazing, Pal. :heart_eyes:

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