contact sensor selection advice needed

Hi all
I need to design a contact detection pad for a project. the pad is 15cm by 20cm. It needs to detect when any object comes in contact with it. it could be your hand, conductive or non conductive objects.

I'm going through different sensing methods for this application. top two candidates are capacitive touch sensor and pressure sensor.
any advice on this would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

For people to help I think you are going to need to give more informaiton.
At the moment the spec is just "I want to detect anything that touches a 15 x 20cm pad", which is too vague.

I could touch the pad very lightly with a feather or smash it with a hammer. You should try to specify what area of the object will come into contact with the pad, for how long and with what force. You should also try to specify the environment e.g. are wind and rain or draughts an issue.

It sounds like you need to use different methods together.
Capacitive works for conductive objects only - but may detect this even when not touching, but just close proximity (a few mm to a few cm depending on the sensor).
Pressure for all objects that are not pressed too lightly.
A bunch of IR beams across the surface, detect anything that's very close to the plate and is big enough to block the beam, even though like with capacitive not necessarily touch.