Contactless fingerprint without using camera

Hi All,
Is it possible to take contactless fingerprints without using cameras? Are there any technologies / sensors available? If so, do we have any Arduino examples? Thank you

Can't see it being done without some form of optic device.
No camera for security reasons?

The current touchless sensors use at least two technologies that I have seen.

  • Cameras that use many pictures and flatten out the images to make a traditional 2D image of the finger print, then match it.
  • Lasers that are used to create 3D maps of the fingerprints for matching.

The laser option takes fairly intensive computing to build the fingerprints and matching them is also no small chore. I don't think this is a job for an Uno, maybe for a 32bit Arduino but even then the speed and memory may not be enough. That being said there are tutorials on "DIY 3D laser scanners" and they may be a good starting place.

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