Container class in arduino


i am using different RGB-LED-Stripes and already implemented a class where i can define a particular section of a stripe (defined from a starting and ending LED of the big stripe) as object to light it up.

class stripe{...};

//defining a small stripe as object
Stripe stripe1(...);

//light up the defined stripe
stripe1.lightUp(red, green, blue);

In my next step I want to make a new class to define some Objects containing a different amounts of small stripes to light them up at once (I want to do it this way because several small stripes are used in more than one "big" object). So usually in C++ I would create a container-class with a list and add all the small stripes to it and the lightUp()-Function would iterate through all containing stripes and use the lightUp()-function of the Stipe class on every instance.
Since the STL is not part of Arduino (as far as I know) my next thought would be (say i want maximum 10 small stripes as an object) defining 10 classes where i have one, two, three, .. up to ten Stripe-members and a lightUp() function in every class which calls the lightUp()-function of every Stripe-member.

So my question is, if there is an easier way to make this work without creating 10 different classes which basically do the same, maybe a bit like the container-class i talked about.

Thank you for your answers!