Contemplating a long drive - Boston, MA to Columbus, OH

Google maps recommends I-80 across northern part PA.

Any recommendations on that route vs I-78/I-70 across more southern part of PA?

Round trip, out on June 26/27, back on June 30/July1

What's your reason for not liking the I-80 route? Another nice drive would be the Southern Tier Expressway across southern New York State.(not a toll road)

There's not much of a route across souther PA because of the topography. The mountains make it hard to go east-west there.

I’ve never driven either, just wondering if one was better than the other.

Southern Tier Expressway across NY, I have driven that. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump, all the way from the concrete slabs that make up the road, and stop lights. Gonna skip that for sure.

If I had a little more time I’d get current in my airplane again and just fly out, make 1 stop for gas & stretch the legs around Pittsburg.

I-70 is a nice smooth scenic stretch indeed. At least it was the last few times I drove it.

Why not see if Google Maps can let you get a peek along different routes?

If you fly and stop near Pittsburgh then set down at the Allegheny County AP rather than the big International AP. Fees will be lower, check it out, and there's long enough strips to land good size jets. The whole Century III shopping complex is very close too if you want eats. If you're up for a walk, McD's and a Dennys are a couple 100 yards from the gate.

I'm in Da Burgh (5-6 miles down the road) but have no car (can't turn my head far enough to see behind, sometimes not even to one or both sides) so I couldn't say hey, gimmie a call.

I've flown into Allegheny County on past trips, last time on the way to Cedar Point. Just long enough to gas up tho. Unfortunately I'm not current at the moment, the plane needs a static system check that I think will lead to altimeter replacement, and I've got too many weekends committed between now & then to get everything done. Hopefully later in the summer. Google maps lets you drag the route around to try things. The I-70 route can be a little shorter, like 15 miles, have to play around some to avoid getting too close to NYC. But the time ends up longer, like 15 minutes. Not looking forward to the drive.

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Should be alright to drive on I-70. I have done twice from my place to Long Island. If you could avoid the major cities by following bypass you will be fine. PA has lots of mountains and hills, not good for driving at night and the mountains can get foggy. At every big bend of the road you can see little crosses or flowers. So, wanna see the big swamp? Kid going to college? It's a long drive. :sleeping:

I am on the phone now to a highway worker friend. There, just got off. Stay off rte 70 unless you want to pay tolls across near half the state. Rte 80 is free, heavily traveled but in good shape. Not only that but taking 70 would add about 2 1/2 hours to your trip besides tolls. Once you get to Ohio then see about another road like 70.

What I remembered from long ago was taking 70 to 68 and the run west from there which is scenic and nice but that's through Maryland which hours and hours out of your way. But then I was going from Delaware west (one time nonstop to the Dayton Fest, woohoo!) and that road happened to be in the right place once I got around Baltimore.