Contemporary dance and Arduino? Anyone?

Hi all, we are a contemporary dance group in Bergamo (northern italy) called "lemolecole" and we do Contact Improvisation (CI)

What is it? see: Our site? (yes yes it needs some update) A taste on what we do?

I personally bounced into Arduino coming from the "Processing" and "Mobile Processing" sites, since I'm also a computer scientist and I work in the field of mobile software.

Since we love to explore new ways for performing, Arduino and related staff can be quite interesting for us to explore: do you know if anyone has done anything with dance and Arduino? I'd love to share ideas and suggestions.



:) the bus video is great. looks like quite some fun. i agree that your bodies would be ideal spaces for all kind of sensors and blinkenlights, though your perfomance is good as it is in my opinion...

just wanted to tell you that i liked the video, and if you come up with an idea there will sure be someone to help you here. maybe you can start thinking about generating electrical power in a - let's call it - groovy way, batteries don't fit you.

best wishes from berlin, kuk

Ciao kuk, sorry for this late reply, I had forgotten to set up notification on this topic. I'm glad you like our performance, more videos to come... Generating electric power from Contact Improvisation?!?! THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!, Especially in these times, where the interest to renewable energy is high... any idea/experience? ciao


What do you think about this? I don’t know if techno rave-ish dance qualifies, but it kinda looks cool when you’re there in person (the video camera doesn’t quite come out as nice in the dark). I used to dance, and I even choreographed a piece to music and lightsticks… I could have used these back then!

What do you think?