Contest! Design a Logo for Seeed

Grove System is our new baby and we want to add a nice logo on it. So there is your chance! If you have the skill, why not design a logo for us?

As a award, we will give 1X Grove Starter bundle to the 1st winner, we will also add him to our VIP list so he/she can always buy our products with discounts.

Great price…But…

I didn’t have idea why just draw picture like excel logo at win office or perhaps something like “a squirt picture”.


Hmm, I might have a go if I can think of something :slight_smile:


And then change your name to weeedstudio :slight_smile:

Electronic weed, that’s what arduino is to many!

Weedstudio better than Seedstudio.We must jump to water and that’s cause electric short circuit.

I just remind that someone from Australia request that for electronic.