Continously running an linear actuator

I am trying to get a linear actuator to run continuously with an Arduino. The linear actuator that I have is this:

I was just going to connect the actuator directly into the Arduino and have a 12V power supply hooked up as well. I am thing that I would only to get a code to get the actuator to run continuously. The goal of this project is to open and close a door for 12 hours for testing purposes.

Will I need to get relays and an H-Bridge, or would this set up work?

Any help would be fantastic.

You'r funny!!! You expect to get 5 amperes+ from an Arduino pin?


And use 12 volt to the Arduino outputs? You will create a toaster.

You will need a 10 Amp power supply and motor driver (for safety). Pololu has the best selection of motor drivers.

That actuator has a 25% duty cycle, meaning you run it for X minutes, then let it cool down for 3X minutes.

X might be small.