continues Servo pulley type system

Hi, I have a continues Servo like the HSR-1425CR Continuous Rotation Servo And I cannot find any code to allow me to have the servo do a complete turn, pause, and then another complete turn in the same direction.

Im looking to make a pulley type system and when it has completed 10 complete turn and pauses than stop.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

in short looking to have a servo work like a stepper motor

Don’t think you can do that with a servo. It is a basic motor drive by a pulse signal, the duration of which determines direction of rotation. The pulse spec is between 1 and 2mS with 1.5mS being the neutral position (no rotation).

As such you have no direct feedback and hence no way of determining actual servo rotation position.

If you could add a rotation counter such as a wheel with holes or notches so operate a photo detector you will then have feedback and by counting pulses you will know how many revs have been completed. It is then a simple programming task.

Thank you for the fast reply i will look at doing an LED and Light dependent resister set up

Depends how accurate you need it. You can determine by experiment how long the continuous servo takes to do one revolution. Then tell it to rotate for that time, either using millis or delay, then stop it and pause by the same methods. It'll likely take a different time under load of course and you'll have no way to know how well it worked without encoders or other feedback mechanism.