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Anyway, I am looking for the same info. However to better scope it, the objective is to program PIC18FChip. Google search lead to this article.

It use a PIC to diy programmer compatible with PICKit 2 programmer. At least the hardware is there and the voltage (as discussed in the old topic) should be USB 5V.

That left firmware to be solved. Since the board is using PIC18F as the MCU. The athor did write eloquently

"Building PICKit 2 clone is facing a chicken-egg problem as another programmer is required to program the firmware into the PIC18F2550"

So if the programmer is built using Arduino, it will no longer be chicken and egg problem. Which left the Arduino firmware part.

Q1 - So here is hopping for more information. For instance, if someone already do this. If not where to get details about protocol or steps to program PIC. Targeting specifically the PIC18F.

Q2 - It is impressive that Arduino can program another Arduino chip boot loader. As per this article . But it is mentioned there that Uno can not do it. I don't know what this impact the idea of programming PIC. So appreciate if someone can lay down some information here.

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