Continuos Buttocycler

Hello All,

I´ve been reading this post

Because my issue is similar. I want the different modes, in the buttocycler example from the Neopixels library, to be continuos until the button is pressed.
I tried the recommendation here, take off from the if statement the startshow, but is not working, it keeps continue working as usual only reproduces the animation and then stop until the buttons is pressed again.
Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

Sure. Start by reading the sticky, and following the instructions there explain what you're trying to do, what your sketch does, and how it differs from what you want it to do. For now I have no clue about what you're even talking about.

I am sorry, but I cannot get past the subject line of butt-o-cycler...

be exactly clear in what you want. the micro-controller cannot read your mind or your intentions.

you want it to :
#1 loop all the time,
#2 run through all the examples,
#3 until the button is pressed.

once the button is pressed, does it stop ?

you may need 20 or more lines, like above to describe to us what you are looking for.

I am sorry, but I cannot get past the subject line of butt-o-cycler...

LOL I had the same problem.
copy/pasting the link in OP shows he dropped an n, and some camelcasing would've been helpful. It's apparently supposed to be a ButtOnCycler. Dunno though which one would be most interesting... A butt-o-cycler as you suggest, a ButtOnCycler as OP apparently tries to build or maybe even it's friend, the ButtOffCycler.