Continuous rotation servo motor problem


I am currently having a problem with a continuous rotation 360 servo motor. Once it completes 360, it cannot go beyond that and only returns to its original state in the it came from. I need to continuously rotate untill i command it to return.

Can anyone help?

Link of motor

Thank you.

Probably not without seeing your code.

Please follow the advice in How to get the best out of this forum and use code tags when you post your code

Despite its description I suspect that it is not actually a continuous rotation servo. What happens when you run the servo Sweep example ?

This kinda says what it is.

  • HIGH ROTATION SPEED SERVO: A high-torque servo, the rotation angle is 360 degrees (at 500→2500μsec), when the power is stopped, it can rotate 360 degrees. Dead width ≤ 4 μsec. Durable and reliable.

But we do need code and circuit diagram showing how the servo is powered.

Another spec shows this;


  • Storage Temperature Range: -30 ~80 °C
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 ~60 °C
  • Gear type: Steel tooth
  • Limit angle: NO limit
  • Bearing: Ball bearings
  • Horn gear spline: 25T/5.9mm
  • Horn type: Plastic, POM
  • Case: PA+Aluminum
  • Motor: Core Motor
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6 - 7.4 V
  • Idle current (at stopped): 6MA @ 7.4 V
  • No-load speed: 0.192 sec / 60° @ 7.4 V
  • Running current (at no load): 180 mA @ 7.4 V
  • Peak stall torque: 35.5 @ 7.4 V
  • Rated torque: 11.8 @ 7.4 V
  • Stall current: 3.9 mA @ 7.4 V
  • Command signal: Pulse width modification
  • Amplifier type: Digital comparator
  • Pulse width range: 500~2500 usec
  • Stop position: 1500μ sec
  • Running degree: 360° .at500 - 2500 μ sec
  • Dead band width: ≤4.μ sec
  • Rotating direction: Counter clockwise (1500-2000μ sec)
  • Weight: 67土1g

I doubt the stall current of 3.9mA and then no load running current as 180mA.

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