Continuous Rotation Servo motor

Hey guys, I have a continuous rotation servo motor "AR-3606HB" that could run on 6V but once i plug it into the 5V arduino supply it moves for like two or three degrees then the arduino disconnects from the computer and windows makes that bip sound same as when you disconnect a USB device from the pc. So i had to use the arduino 3.3 V power supply but it just doesn't produce as much power as i need Any help ? ? This is the Servo motor datasheet :

You need a seperate power supply for the servo motor. When a servo starts turning is might use up to 500mA, or even more. That is too much for the Arduino and the USB port.

You described it very well. That is exactly what happens when too much current is requested.

Use another power supply for the servo with common ground.

When you said "commun ground" you mean for the arduino and the Servo motor?

Yes for ground only.

There is a trick that may work. just use a big capacitor and a charge resistor on the Vin pin of your Arduino. I used a 4700uF capa and a 220? resistor with the MG995 servo (drain up to 1amp) and it works. The best is in fact an external power supply.

No don't do that, servos take more current that standard USB can provide and you risk blowing your computer's 5V rail in the worst case, and you'll probably get sporadic resets anyway.

With motors, servos, separate supply every time... Even small servos need peaks of perhaps 1A or more, and can throw back spikes onto the power rail capable of damaging other components - its not worth the risk IMO.

Thanks guys I tried it with an external power source and it worked just awesome.

Very good :stuck_out_tongue:
Well done.

Hey guys , i tried to use an AC/DC's 6V 1000 mA output as power for the servo motor but it doesn't work . Is it too much current ? and you can't use a commun ground to power the Arduino and the servomotor

It would be so much better if you could make a drawing or photo of your wiring. 1A is not too much, and you have to connect the grounds.

This works just fine.

Here is some photos
the arduino is powered with the USB to the computer and the motor is powered by an AC/DC 6V adaptater.
If you find the problem plz send me a drawing of the correct circuit

You must connect the ground wires. The GND of the Arduino to the (-) or zero of the power supply for the servo motors. With that single wire, you could damage the Arduino and the servo.


Back off on the camera, lets see all of it.

Ok guys , I'm having another problem , I can't upload any code to the Arduino .It just keeps printing this error "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" I checked the Serial port and nothing is wrong with it