Continuous servo and quadrature encoder

Hi all… first of all am I in the right forum? I am trying to revive a dead vinyl cutter that has servos on the X & Y axis. I have built a couple of CNC machines and understand basic control principles. I am no stranger to OO programming but am not well versed in Arduino. I have researched enough to be able to read the quad encoder via Arduino. I am looking forward to the challenge of writing code to control the position of the servos but I feel I am missing at least one important concept. Let me explain my dilemma.

These are continuous servos. If I apply 24V to the two power leads they turn at full speed. It seems to me that the arduino is going to have to control the voltage to the motor. Is this done with PWM? If so, I will need to know how an Arduino with 5V is going to control 24Vs.

So, if I am in the right place I’d love get your advice. If not, can you suggest a more appropriate forum?



Google 'Arduino motor driver module' and you should find what you're looking for.

Your description sounds more like a regular DC motor than a servo. For starters, a DC motor usually has two leads (power), while a servo has three (power and control).

Why do you think they are servos?