Contolling extruder (3D-Printer) with an arduino

So I have a project where I want to Programm the extruder and the XYZ-coordinates for 3D-Printing seperatly. That means that I want my arduino to read G-Code and give commands to the extruder (ie controlling it) but also seperate the movement part of the G-Code to send it to an other machine.

My question is: Is there a simple code for arduino boards to exclusivly control the extruder? I've searched all day and couldn't find anything online.

If my question is too broad, could you at least point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

It's an unusual thing to do so I don't expect that you will find anything already written.

It shouldn't be too hard though - read the GCODE and decide whether it is for the extruder. If so, execute, otherwise send it to the other machine.

The only problem I can see is that there may be issues with synchronizing the two machines.

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Wait, that seems so simple..
First of all, thanks for the response!
Do you mean to say that I could just use a fully programmed aduino for 3d printing (lets say it has marlin 1.1) and it'd exclusivly command the extruder, if I give it the right G-Code?
I thought that I had to rewrite marlin and/or cut out anything that isn't needed.

I was thinking of a situation where you send G-Code to a primary Arduino which evaluates what it gets to decide whether it is related to the extruder and executes anything that does. The remaining G-Code goes out of a serial port to another Arduino that does everything else.

The code on the primary could indeed be a hacked version of Marlin. The secondary could run Marlin with no modifications - it would just never get anything relating to the extruder.

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Thats it! Thank you and have a great day!

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