Control 2 motors with same PWM signal (Cytron Motor controller)

Hey guys,
I have a cytron dual motor control and I was wonder if it possible to control more than one motor with a pwm signal. The motor controller test code uses a direction and pwm pins and then I am splitting the two pins on the arduino to the four pins on the motor controller board. Will this damage my boards?

here is the test code sample and here is the motor control board I am using 10Amp 5V-30V DC Motor Driver (2 Channels)

   This example shows how to drive a motor using the PWM and DIR pins.
   This example only shows how to drive a single motor for simplicity.
   For dual channel motor driver, both channel work the same way.


   Arduino D3  - Motor Driver PWM Input
   Arduino D4  - Motor Driver DIR Input
   Arduino GND - Motor Driver GND

   AUTHOR   : Kong Wai Weng
   COMPANY  : Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd
   EMAIL    :


#include "CytronMotorDriver.h"

// Configure the motor driver.
CytronMD motor(PWM_DIR, 3, 4);  // PWM = Pin 3, DIR = Pin 4.

// The setup routine runs once when you press reset.
void setup() {


// The loop routine runs over and over again forever.
void loop() {
  motor.setSpeed(128);  // Run forward at 50% speed.

  motor.setSpeed(255);  // Run forward at full speed.

  motor.setSpeed(0);    // Stop.

  motor.setSpeed(-128);  // Run backward at 50% speed.

  motor.setSpeed(-255);  // Run backward at full speed.

  motor.setSpeed(0);    // Stop.

Yes, its trivial to drive multiple inputs from a single logic pin. The limit is usually 10 or more in fact, known as "fanout". Just make sure all the things involved are powered up together, if any device is powered down it will draw large currents from the signal and hold it down at low voltage. Common all the grounds too of course.