Control 24v 4.4amp high torque Bldc motor from Arduino and MPU6050(Gyroscope)

Hello Everyone, i am new to all this, and but i have recently done a project in which i controlled a dc motor with a gyroscope. Here is the link Control DC Motor CW/CCW with MPU-6050 Gyro/Accelerometer + Arduino - Circuit Magic
Now i wish to control a big bldc motor(3 phase) with hall sensor, using arduino uno and MPU6050(gyroscope). can it be done, plzz help me with this.

Yes it can be done - but you either need a BLDC driver unit or to roll your own. That
would entail a suitable 3-phase bridge, generating PWM for it, reading the hall sensors and
so forth. You do need 6 outputs to drive a 3-phase bridge and 3 inputs for the hall sensors.

For that current level a MOSFET bridge, perhaps driven by a FAN7388 would be my choice,
but that is a lot more complex that using an L298 and involves surface mount.