Control 3 arduino device with IR remote


I have made 3 alarm units wit arduino Uno and Pir sensor.

I would like to activate this alarm with a remote switch using IR.

Button A = alarm Activated
Button B = Alarm Deactivated

My questions:

  1. What are the most used transmitters / button box
  2. Will they all send the same signal? So if i press one button al 3 devices will arm or disarm?
  3. If question 2 is true, then what is the best way to let each transmitter control just 1 Alarmbox.

I hope all is clear and you can give me a direction to go to.



  1. The most used IR transmitter is your TV remote control. What do you consider to be a "button box"? I have no clue.

  2. Just like your TV remote they all send a code depending on what button you press. Are you considering making your own remote?

  3. The answer is in the program code you write.


These are used by a lot of people.

Check Ebay.

TSOP4836 are a good receiver.

Hello Paul.

  1. by button box i mean like key to open car. Dont know the english name.

  2. So if i buy from same brand 3 remotes they all send same code when pressing button "a" ?

  3. the alarmboxes will be probaly 5 to 6 meters away from each other. So i have no clue how the arduino knows wich remote is for wich alarmbox. Maybe i need to buy a few and read the sending message. Then maybe i will find out.


  1. In the US, we call them "key fobs" or just "fob". I don't know the source of that name.

  2. With IR devices, the answer will be yes, since they are never used as part of a security system, like a car unlock device.

  3. The Arduino cannot know which is which, unless you use IR remotes that are used for security and I have never heard of such a device.

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