Control 3D printer on android app

Hello everyone, I currently have a 3D printer, I want to control printer operation from an android app but I don’t want to use available platforms like octoprint … can you show me How can I complete this project, what will i have to learn. Thank you everyone


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I want to control printer operation from an android app

What, EXACTLY, do you want to control? Start and stop print? Upload files to be printed?

The presence of an "Internet" bubble in your picture implies that there is a web interface already. My smart phone needs no additional programming to interact with a web interface.

but I don't want to use available platforms like octoprint ...

It seems to me that you will then have to create your own equivalent of Octoprint - no small task. Also, it is not an Arduino program so this the right place to look for advice.

The Octoprint website is strangely coy about what the product actually is. I eventually found this YouTube video which made things clear. It is a Python program that interfaces with the 3D printer and presents a browser-based interface for controlling it.


thanks PaulS for comment in this post. I want control everything of my 3D printer. start print, stop, move x,y,z, upload file to print and receive images from the camera on 3D printer.