Control 40 Watt bulbs

Hi. I have an idea where I would like to control a series of 40Watt bulbs with my arduino. Will this be simply increasing the power of the signal with transistors? This is my first non-tutorial based electronics project so I am very new to it all. Thank you in advance for any help which I may receive. Danny.

40 Watt ?

= How many Volts? 5,10, 110, 220 ?

= do you need a switch on/off or a dimmer?

The more precise you tell what you want the better we can provide help

Hey. Thanks for the very swift reply. It must be said that I havent thought this through a great deal but I wanted to set up a rig of about 6 bulbs which could all be independently be controlled by my arduino. Im not sure which voltage would be needed but it would be coming from the mains which is 240v. I envisaged the bulbs all being connected to the mains (like in a lamp) but switched using some hefty transistors which are in turn controlled by the arduino. Like I said I have no experience with this kind of stuff so feel free to laugh at my ignorance. I hope that gives you a better idea of wht I am trying to accomplish....? Danny.

....Oh yeah, and no dimmer or anything of the sort is required and and on/ off switch now i think about it would be rather useful. Danny.

this shield - Arduino Shield List: Seeed Studio Relay Shield - might be helpful or just buy some solid state relays…


hm. yes. the relay idea makes a lot of sense. thanks very much! Danny.

You need PCB Relays, preferably powered from external supply ,that's it controlling the bulbs isn't a big thing but Dimming is, However in Advance i will tell you about DMX systems or Velleman sort of Dimmer's which accept a vdc of about 0 to 10 VDC and control the Incadescent or other sort of illumination stuff.

If you don't have any experience with wiring to mains, or interfacing to it using a microcontroller - something like this will make it easier (and safer):