Control 433 MHz power outlets using RFM69HCW

I currently control my 433 MHz power outlets using the RCSwitch library, but I'm looking for a better alternative where the signals do not have to be sent directly from the ESP32 processor.

I now ordered an Adafruit Radio FeatherWing - RFM69HCW and did some tests with it, but sadly I only found some simple examples using the RadioHead library to transfer data between two of those boards. The only library I found to control my power outlets using the RFM69 is for the Raspberry Pi:

Are there any examples how the same signals can be sent using the RadioHead library? I already know the pulse length, on and off bit and sync bit pattern of my signal. But I don't know how the RFM69 can be configured to send such a signal.

Are there any examples for this or did someone use the RFM69 for such a purpose?

You need to configure the RFM69 for simple On/Off Keying (OOK mode) and use the RCSwitch library as before.

A $2 Pro Mini and a $0.69 433 MHz transmitter will work just as well.