Control 4x50W LEDs with mobile APP via ESP32 Bluetooth


Just to tell you beforehand: I have almost no hands-on experience in electrical engineering since I'm a software developer.

Here is the project:

I got a spotlight which contains 4x 50W LED Lamps. The spotlight is powered by a 28V Milwaukee battery. My vision is to control the spotlight with a mobile app (turn on/off and blink the LED's). Also the space inside the spotlight is limited so I also have to take the size of the components in consideration. I am good with developing the software for the project but I just have no clue which components to use. After some research my setup looks like this:

1x ESP32 for Bluetooth connection with the mobile device and to control the relay(which ESP?) 1x Voltage Regulator to get the desired input of 7V at the ESP (again which regulator? or any other solution?) 1x 4-way relay so I can control every LED individually (which relay would be best here? Would be a MOSFET fit better?) 1x Breadboard Some jumper cables

I would connect the battery to the voltage regulator which is connected to the ESP. The ESP controls the relay with the power it was provided from the voltage regulator. The relais are switched between the battery and the LEDs. So I can control the relay by giving some kind of command to the esp from the mobile app.

Do you think it could work like this? Or what would your approach be? I'll try to create a schematic too to make it more obvious what i'm talking about.