Control 5 DC motors

Hi, I've never touched Arduino before, but my college group has a project to build a bulldozer, we use 3 DC 12v motors to control the excavator arm, 1 to move the base and 1 to the wheels. We have an Arduino Uno. I would like to know if you have control of these 5 DC motors, being that the only interesting thing is the time and anti-clock movement (the speed does not interest us), using this Arduino Uno. And we wanted to control the cell phone using Bluetooth.

What is the stall current of the motors? You will need an h-bridge for each motor in order to control direction of rotation. You need to know the stall current to be able to choose an h-bridge that will handle that current.

should probably be 5A

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Probably? You need to know the specs of the motors. Guessing causes smoke and stink and/or forum posts that say "my motor won't work".

Are the motors brushed motors or brushless (BLDC)? If brushed, and the stall current is not listed in the data sheet for the motor the stall current can be estimated by measuring the resistance across the motor windings. The stall current would be: motor voltage / winding resistance = stall current, estimated.

I will try to identify the specifications, because the motors are scrap, they are used so I do not have all the specifications.

Hi, If you are at college, then you should have the facilities to test and load the motors to get the specs. Consult a lecturer/teacher/instructor/lab tech.

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