control 5 motors

is it possible to comntrol 5 12v dc motors independently of each other with a single arduino?

Yes but you will need some form of external hardware.

Ok so i'm trying to control 5 dc motors independently (varying speed and direction) with a single arduino? is this something i could accomplish by stacking shields like the adafruit? I'm an artist in miami and i'm trying to build a fairly large and elaborate music box with spinning parts that are controlled by a sound sensor. the motors will have to have some torque to get the bearings moving as the load is about 12 pounds per motor...

Thank You in advance!! i'm kind of lost online wth all the possibles...

It's impractical to give a suggestion on ways to drive it without detail on the maximum (stall) amperage requirement of the motors. Also, do you need to drive each motor in two directions or just one?

As Chagrin indicated, the place to start is motor current requirements. 12-lb
loads probably require fairly high-amperage motors. Pololu has some motor
shields you might look at as a starting point.

Unfortunately, most motor controllers eat up 3 or 4 I/O pins per motor, so
a single Arduino may have trouble doing 5 motors, so that's the 2nd consideration.

I am having the sample project. I have to drive 4 dc motors with feedback.
I ended up getting one of the motor shield boards which is able to control 4 motors and do the feedback part with the arduino itself.
let's keep in touch so we can share what we have found.