Control 8 channel relay module by arduino uno and nodemcu

I am doing job at IOT from 6 months, as a fresher i got this project just to check,can we operate relay by 2 controllers at a time.
hardware with me

  1. 8 channel relay module
  2. arduino uno
  3. nodemcu
    4.connecting wires

process details

  1. relay ON Conditions
    The first 4 channels of the relay board should be controlled first by Arduino Uno controller. relay 1 (ON) delay(2000)…relay 2(ON) delay(2000) relay 3( ON)…delay…relay 4 (ON) like wise
    then next 4 channels of relay board should be controlled by ESP8266 nodemcu controller… relay 5(ON)…delay relay 6(ON)…likewise.

2.Relay OFF conditions
after turning ON all LEDs…with same delay process, channel 8 should OFF first then 7,6,5 by nodemcu. And channel 4,3,2,1 should be OFF by arduino uno with delay process
all this should be done when we plug in both controllers to power supply.i have downloaded SoftwareSerial.h library for serial communication between both controllers and i am trying to sketch for both controllers but i can’t do it

Strange that a supervisor asks you to use two processors for one task.

Show us the code for that part first. That should be a very simple task.
If you can’t do that part, then I fear you have to go back to school again.

This should be enough for the Arduino to turn on the first four in order, wait for the other processor to turn the 5th on and off, and turn off the first four in reverse order.

const byte Relay1Pin = 4;
const byte Relay2Pin = 5;
const byte Relay3Pin = 6;
const byte Relay4Pin = 7;

const byte Relay5Pin = 2; // To sense when Relay 5 is on or off

void setup()
  pinMode(Relay5Pin, INPUT);

  digitalWrite(Relay1Pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(Relay2Pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(Relay3Pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(Relay4Pin, LOW);

  pinMode(Relay1Pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Relay2Pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Relay3Pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Relay4Pin, OUTPUT);

  // Turn the first four on in sequence
  digitalWrite(Relay1Pin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(Relay2Pin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(Relay3Pin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(Relay4Pin, HIGH);

  // Wait for the other processor to turn on Relay 5
  while (digitalRead(Relay5Pin) == LOW) ;

  // Wait for the other processor to turn off Relay 5
  while (digitalRead(Relay5Pin) == HIGH) ;

  // Turn the first four off in reverse order
  digitalWrite(Relay4Pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(Relay3Pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(Relay2Pin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(Relay1Pin, LOW);

void loop() {}


I am doing job at IOT from 6 months, as a fresher i got this project just to check,can we operate relay by 2 controllers at a time.

I think this is an inhouse exercise to check the abilities of the programmers/constructors.

I would say its to see how good they are at not just programming but using and connecting to basic hardware.
As we have seen in this forum, unfortunately, sometimes that is a rare combination.

@amrita93 Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino and hardware experience?

Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:
PS. The employer/educational institute seems to think it is within their capabilities.

So a test.

Make sure you tell your supervisor that you couldn’t write the code yourself,
and that someone else did it for you.

I will try this code sir and thank you so much for a great help sir

Sir, I don’t think i can expect help from you as i already mentioned my work,i mentioned i’m in learning state.your words hurting me.but anyway thank you so much

yes sir this is for checking programmers ability

yes i will try this sir


Can you post a picture of the 8 channel module, there are many different types and some are HIGH and some are LOW input to activate?
Have you got the controllers connected to the relay module?

Thanks… Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Which programmer ?

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