control 800w motor with arduino. which hardware?


I want to control an e-bike 800w motor with arduino.

Any suggest which cheap hardware motor controller i could use to connect it with arduino?

there is a cheap controller

for just 20$ but it is also good ? I heard, it is not really 800w

Can it be easily pinned by arduino pwm pinout ?

That's a brushed motor controller - most e-bike motors are brushless, and you've provided
no details of the motor.

If its compatible its cheap enough so why not try it and see if it holds out?

I presume you only want forwards motion?

Standard bike/wheelchair/etc controllers use a 5k or 10k linear potentiometer as input,
or sometimes a linear hall sensor.

Typically if its wanting a potentiometer it will sense broken wires and fail-safe, so you need to
place a fixed 5k resistor between 5V and GND on the throttle cable, and then drive the signal with
an analog voltage (RC filtered PWM will do). Common the throttle cable ground with the Arduino,
try 10k and 4u7 or 10uF capacitor RC filter, about the right time constant.

ok thanks, i give my try

By the way don't expect chinese eBay watts to be quite the same as S.I. watts!!