control a BIG stepper motor using arduino?

How can one control two X 5V 2Amp stepper motor via arduino?

(Is there a circuit with example somewhere?)

btw - the motor datasheet is

While I can't give you a design I can state that there is no limit of how large a stepper motor an Arduio can control. The key word is control rather then power the motor.

Large motors require large external DC power supply and external switching components (MOSFET transistors work nice) to supply the stepper with the energy it needs when it needs it, but the Arduino can easily perform the control functions of speed of stepping, direction of stepping, when to stop, etc.

So any design showing a Arduino controlling a typical stepper motor can be scaled up or down in size. Just keep in mind the speration of control functions and power functions.


This is the motor controller designed to be used with the Reprap project. That has an Arduino at the centre of it but a motor control like this can be driven by anything. It gives you step and direction inputs.