Control a MOSFET Switch with Arduino Board

dear community,

i want replace my relais with an MOSFET p-channel switch.
the switch should can handle 60V on 6Ampere.

can anybody helps me what i should use which one and how i can connect then with my arduino board?

it should be fast. my relais is too slow on all under 100ms (and burns away).

i have ordered this one:
BT-2 BTS7960B DC 43A PWM

is this possible to use as switch for my needings?

thank you very much.

many greets

An H-bridge should work for you. Provided that it supports your required 60V, not only 24V.

Such a MOSFET is probably going to need a gate driver. The gate has to be pulled up to the positive rail, and usually can not be pulled all the way to ground (-20 to -30V is a typical limit).

That said, the BTS7960B is a half-bridge driver, not a MOSFET, and as such not the most sensible replacement for a single relay, which implies you just want to switch the motor on and off. No speed or direction control.