Control A Stepper Motor With readouts from a Load Cell


I am trying to see if it is possible to control a stepper motor based off of readouts from a load cell. The stepper motor would be turning a ball screw that spreads apart a jig. As the jig spreads apart the load cell is recording the pressure that is building up. The test would need to hold that pressure for some time as the material stretched. So if the first test was at 200lb, then the stepper motor would need to keep rotating and adding pressure based of the readout from the load cell to keep the material under a 200lb load for a certain period of time. Has anyone tried something like this with a Arduino?

Thanks in advanced!

That's certainly doable - you can read the loadcell regularly, you can drive a stepper. There
needs to be the right logic inbetween that implements the behaviour needed.

As a project you should build each piece independently and test, before bringing it together,
ie keep the complexity under control.

So theres motor control, load cell reading, and control logic which calls on each of the
other parts as needed.

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