Control AASD-15A AC Servo Driver with Arduino MEGA/UNO


I need help on building an Arduino sketch to control an AC Servo Driver.

I am trying to control an AC Servo Driver (AASD-15A) with Arduino MEGA/UNO.

AC Servo Driver (AASD-15A) Manual: AASD-15A Technical Manual

Here is the Circuit Diagram: Cutter Diagram(1).pdf (321.0 KB)

I have decided on the following connection:
Arduino UNO Pin 3 -> AASD-15A CN2 Pin 14
Arduino UNO Pin 6 -> AASD-15A CN2 Pin 5

What I want to achieve here is run the AC Servo Motor in Clock Wise and Counter Clock Wise direction.

It would be a great help if someone could assist me with my connection and suggest me which Arduino library should I use to make the motor move with a simple example.

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Hi @arduino_asif .
Connecting arduino pins to pin 3 of the AASD-15A will not work, as these pins of the AASD-15A must receive RS485 electrical interface.
If you connect an arduino/RS485 module, and connect the output of the RS485 module to the AASD-15A, it has a greater chance of working.
Look for the RS485 library for arduino.

If you use a serial (softserial) or an arduino mega that has more serials, you can use pins 1 and 3 of the AASD-15A connected to this serial.

RV mineirin

2.2.3 part 3 in the manual shows the differential input mode for the pulse inputs - this is the best way to talk to it I think - If you use pins 5 and 14 you'll need to tie 3 and 4 to 5V.

You may need to program the unit to setup the correct mode for the pulse input.

Thanks, @ruilviana for your important feedback.

Yes, The connection should go like what you suggest. I'm just now struggling to generate pulse signal through the Arduino. Hope I could find a way out. Thanks, @MarkT for your important feedback.

The AccelStepper library generates step/direction pulses for instance.

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