Control additional Arduino libraries from Processing


I am fairly new with Arduinos and Processing. I have an addressable LED strip that I would like to control from the program, Processing. However, the LED strip came with libraries to control it - which I believe can only be added through the Arduino IDE. Is there a way to control the LED strip from Processing?

What library? Do you have an Arduino sketch now to control the LED strip?

You don’t need Firmata on the Arduino. You can develop your own protocol and not use Firmata at all.

Here is the library: GitHub - adafruit/LPD8806: Arduino library for LED strips and pixels using LPD8806 (and probably LPD8803/LPD8809)

The above also includes example sketches to control the LED strip. How could I develop my own protocol?

How could I develop my own protocol?

A protocol is nothing more than an agreed upon way of exchanging data. So, define what data you want to pass to the Arduino, and make Processing send data that way, and make the Arduino receive it that way.

One of the examples has a call to colorChase, with 4 arguments - r, g, b, t. So, you might have Processing send “<Chase, r, g, b, t>”. It should be easy to see how to receive that data, parse it, and figure out what to do with it.

Then, add another feature to the protocol, to deal with the colorWipe function. Then, add as many more features as you desire.

Is there any examples or tutorials to setting up the serial protocol? Would this tutorial I found be helpful? Trossen Robotics Community Database Error

Would this tutorial I found be helpful?

Yes. Use that as a guide, though. Don’t get married to those names.