Control air conditioner with wired remote

Hey Guys,

I need to switch on/off an air conditioner but the problem is that this A.C. has a wired remote and thus i can't use IR. I also don't want to mess around with the switch board and high current circuitry. Can anybody suggest any alternative approach to this?


This might be a stretch, but you could maybe, [u]just maybe[/u] get one that has a wireless controller.

If that is not possible then you will need to open the controller and see what connections do what. How many buttons does the controller have?

The remote is like any other normal ir remote but it is wired to the air conditioner. It's one of the a.c's you find in commercial places i.e. the high wall a.c's. Have these in my shop and wanted to find out some method to control them through arduino. Buyin a new a.c. is not an option. :)

You could use something like this IR Remote (Needs an arduino on the receiver side), but on the receiving side, you need to know what wires control which button functions.