Control an aduino card from internet


We are in project where we have to use an servomotor control by internet or an app on the phone by arduino (with a shield). We are beginners and we don’t know how to use it.
If anyone had information, some interesting tutorial to share, or basic mistakes we shouldn’t do.

Thank you in adavance

PS: sorry for our english, we are french :wink:

There is a Français section of this forum. You will need one of any number of methods to connect your Arduino to a Network. Arduino makes an Ethernet shield. Once connected to a LAN, the Gateway (router) can be set up to provide access between the Internet at large and a device on the LAN. The phone app must be coded.

1.) App on the phone could be done using MIT App Inventor 2, and a BlueTooth module of your choice/meeting your specs. (no internet, intranet, network of any kind needed)

2.) 'Internet'... please provide more background.

  • Like from a remote location?
  • might be better off looking into using a RaspberryPi as a MQTT broker/server?

  • Locally? (within what distance?)

  • perhaps have an ESP8266 module set up as a web server.. and you can connect to that with your phone/tablet/whatever... if also configured as a captive portal, you can have the ESP module only serve up one page (your GUI/interface/buttons..etc).. so its like a 'local' interface.

just some ideas...