Control an ESC from Velineon


Im trying to put an Esc from Velineon working with arduino, anyone with experience with this?

I can´t find any documentation to arm this ESC.

It´s from an RC car Slash 4x4 from Traxxas.


See here RCArduino: How To Read Multiple RC Channels

The code in setup should do it.

You will also need to make sure that you have external power such as a lipo powering the ESC and motor and also that you have the ground wire connected between the Arduino and the ESC.

Duane B

hi DuaneB,

i have study your work since last weeks and its a great help for me, you have made a nice work and i want to say thank you to give for other users.

my setup is a traxxas slash 4x4 chassis, original Servo, motor+esc+fan from velineon, two arduino uno, lipo 2s, xbee for comunication between control and rc car, one wiichuck and one BEC 6V.

i have the comunication setup ok, i can control the servo with nunchuck with xbee and now i´m started working with ESC and motor.

i a have the lipo powering the ESC/Motor and i use an adjustable boost regulator from polulu to powering the arduino from lipo (isolate from possible noise of motor).

to connect the ESC i thinking in this wire config:

Red/black power->to lipo
3 wire ABC to motor
last 3 wire to control ESC: one to pwm from arduino, the others black and red to output of BEC (6V). im thinkink trying this config today, one your blog you says to put one resistor in pwm line, im thinking put one 330ohm like u.

But i can´t find any documentation to arming this type of ESC.

Try it with a RC controller? The commonest arming I've found is simply minimum throttle at power up.


i have make some tests and have new improvement with this esc:

  • to arm the esc you need to send one pwm value 90 to the esc during 2s (neutral position).

  • 99-> the motor start in one direction

  • 87-> the motor go to other direction

Green led is one with pwm 89 to 97 but motor don´t run, i think you can set this pwm to arm the ESC
nothing appears with 88 and 98 (motor don t run and led is off, maybe for brake?)

You can arm the ESC sending on PWM of this range 89 to 97 during 2s, now im searching for máx speed in both direction and brake:)

now i need to make a rpm counter to know the max speed on both direction, i have hall sensores and ir sensores but never work with this, can help?i can use another arduino i have just for this.

It was once common opinion that you should never run a brushless motor like yours at high speed with no load attached. I have no idea if this is still true, if it was ever true or why it might be so, but please do your own research on this before you possibly kill an expensive motor.

Also brushless motors have a KV rating which is the number of thousands of RPM the motor will do per available volt, this should be easy to look up.

Duane B

never run a brushless motor like yours at high speed with no load attached

Ok thanks for the advice, i don´t know about this but for the next experience i will put a load in my motor.

i have found the max speed in both direction and the brake also.

I have all values i need:

  • arm with a value between 89 to 97 during 2s
  • one direction:99 to 138 and the other 87 to 48
  • brake but is too bad for the motor, i don´t use them in my project:0 and 254.

i have more two position but i don´t know what it does:88 and 98.

I use the servo library:)

thanks for your help.