Control and monitor PROD server

what i want to do is explained
Things already have

  1. PROD LINUX SERVER with DB (in network 1)
  2. arduino uno (in the same network as prod)
  3. hosting server (for php apache mysql) (over the internet)
    IMPORTANT : Only arduino can communicate with the prod. In short it is the MIDDLE man between both. Because it is not secure to provide access to hosting server

----What i want to accomplish (i need how to do it and what are the fastest method available

either via arduino or via hosting server

  1. Always check the prod alive or dead status
  2. run certains commands on prod
  3. run certain scripts on prod
  4. get logs of of the prod
  5. also get webpage settings act according to it.
  6. save info to database
  7. Communicate ARDUINO + SSH OF PROD (they are on the network.....They are NOT CONNECTED WITH USB)
    8)Communicate arduino with sqlplus is it possible ?
  8. Download upload file
    etc etc

Please suggest exactly what should i use.

By my current knowledge i know that
I can send POST to hosting and PROD
I can receive request from PROD AND HOSTING
now the question again which tech should i use for post,request is php itself is okay or shall i use RestAPI also how will the prod request response shall i install apache and php on it to ?

Kindly help

I think the reason that one one else has responded to your question is that it doesn't seem to make sense.

You seem to be implying that your have a networked Arduino connected to one or more servers and you want to use it as some sort of gatekeeper to one server.

I think you will need to give more details about the current configuration, including a diagram that shows how things are connected e.g. both physically and via data flows.