Control Arduino FROM BLE Beacon


I have a few BLE beacons and I'd like to turn my Uno into a receiver for them, like the iPhone. Everything I finding discusses turning Arduino into a BLE, not the other way around. I'd like to initially turn lights on and off when within range of a beacon, something very simple. Then expand upon that. However, having an Arduino recognise the beacon in the first place I;m stuck on, can't find anything. I'm guessing I'll need a standard Bluetooth shield to receive the signal, and will then need to emulate in a way the iBeacon protocol. Does that sound correct? Cheers.

Topic: Arduino, Beacon, iBeacon, BLE, (reading Beacon / iBeacon data into the Arduino)

I'm interested in the exact same issue - I have tried to read me up on this in the Forum or by using Google, but I don't find much info about this.

The usecase is:
I would like to make my Arduino with a BLE receiver, read the UUID that is transmitted by a BLE Beacon (Like Estimote etc), and letting my software code in the Arduino decide what to do.

What kind of BLE Shield / BLE receiver / hardware can I connect to my Arduino (Duemilanove or Uno) ?
What kind of libraries is supported so I can read the data that is transmitted from the Beacons?

I would really appreciate some help here.

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