Control arduino on internet with android via wifi

Hi everyone,
Fisrt, I’ll talk about my idea. I have an “Android Powered device”, “Arduino Mega 2560/UNO”, “ESP8266 V7”, “Relay module”, and some sensors.
I want to use Arduino to read data from sensors and send it over the internet to android device, then I use android device to send commands to the arduino to control the relay by the same way. I have read several websites but they use Ethernet shield instead.
Where should I start, is it possible to do this?
Thanks alot!

Oh, sorry you guys, I mean the connection is like this: Arduino <=> Server <=> Android Device
I have an old PC with 8Gb RAM, Core i5 760 (2.8 MHz, 4 Cores, 4 Threads), 200 Gb hard drive.
The “server” I use is my computer, that mean, I don’t want to use free DNS or free server on the Internet, AND I can contact with arduino from any where on Earth.
Thanks for your help!

You should search a little harder. Tutorials are all over the internet.

This should get you started:

There is an article on there for toggling leds from your android device. That would be half of your project. And once you get how that part works, you can figure out the rest.

Good luck!

I wrote this instructable a while ago. It does exaclty what you need. Feel free to leave feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks alot fignewton83, I'll check it out. And, Ectoplasma, would you please show me your way, thanks alot! :slight_smile: