Control Arduino via Ipad

I posted a question about controlling one arduino with a second and got very good responses, thanks for the info. But I have came across an article in popular mechanics where someone controlled an arduino with a custom made app on the iphone. He did this using and 2.4ghz wifi adapter hooked to the arduino.

So i am thinking of going this route instead of using two arduinos and a control box with 20 buttons, rather just make an app with 20 buttons on the screen and controlling everything through wifi.

Does anyone know links of templates for this? Just looking for some examples.

Thanks, jeremy

1) Buy a wifi shield (e.g. sparkfun)

Webbased 2a) run a webserver on the Arduino. Your application can browse the Arduino pages and these can trigger actions

2b) run a webclient that polls a PC-webserver that represents the state of the buttons

Socketbased Not so different from webserver, just on a different port. This server waits for a command on the socket, e.g. shows some essentials

TCP uses handshakes to be sure packets arrive on the other end.

UDP just sends packets (datagrams), less reliable (depends on network conditions) but faster. You can implement acknowledges or any other handshake yourself if needed.

If you use a webbased approach you can control the device from any browser - phone PC pad etc

Well I have a couple questions based on your post,

one, does the arduino have to have an internet connection to be able to do the web based functioning?

does the web page run off of the arduino itself and your wifi device connects wirelessly to the arduino and then load the page and see the buttons? Im just wondering if i went this way what if their isnt an intenet connection, would the speed of the buttons depend on the speed on which the arduino can refresh the web page and see the state of the buttons, if it were slow this would not work for me. I need to be able to change states within 100ms or less.