Control Bosch Relay Using Arduino

I have an existing set of 30A Bosch relays that are used to control several small 12v motors using toggle switches. I have been trying to come up with a method to also control the relays using an Arduino. The diagram below is my proposed setup, which uses an Arduino controlled set of relays to close a second ground for each Bosch relay. I have 2 questions - will this setup work and have I selected an appropriate Arduino relay?
I don't want to use MOSFETs

A relay will handle another relay… Make sure You have kickback diodes on the coil of the big relay.
One alternative is to use a logic N channel MOSFET transistor to connect the relay coil to the commaon ground.

ok..thank you. The Bosch relays do have diodes. Any thoughts on the Arduino relay? Is the one I selected ok for the job?

The Bosch relay has diodes… Where? On the coil side? Is it marked with + and -?

Not an expert on diodes but looks like this - won’t allow + backflow

Pos ----------l<--------------Neg

That looks correct.

Thanks for the quick response. Be Safe