Control brushless ESC with arduino?

Hello, i have Turnigy Brushless ESC 60A, and i want control this esc with motor, in arduino, i'm using servo library... only what i can do, the motor going to forward, how i can do like this: 10 seconds forward, and 10 second motor going back? Instead of having to re-wire solder is.

Sorry for my bad english.

Some ESCs are made for cars or boats and have reverse. Some made for airplanes do not.

You need to read the details on your ESC.

If your ESC does not have reverse you may be able to use relays to reconnect the 3 motor wires for reverse (I am not SURE about this)..

Anyone Else know??

We don't worry about Bad English, just Bad Ideas...

Thanks for the detailed answer, maybe someone you know ESC, which also could manage? like what sayd the teryking228: "Some ESCs are made for cars or boats and have reverse"

If the ESC does't have reverse, you can't reverse. Never disconnect any of the 3 wires to the motor with the ESC powered up, it can instantly destroy ESC or motor. That includes with a relay. Firstly the currents are extremely large for a relay and secondly with one wire disconnected the ESC will become confused and dump huge currents through the other phases.