control carpark with arduino

Hello alll

First i would like to say that this will be my 1st real project using a arduino.


In the building where i live, we have a -1 level for carpark and a main gate (garage door). also in the middle of the ramp we have some kind of a magnetic system "driiled" on the floor (looks like a square of some sort) and a couple of red/green traffic lights (all this from an old system that was all analog based on reley's)


Can i... have both lights RED and whenever a car pool in the gate ( gate light) will turn GREEN but the other light (bottom of ramp) stays RED and it only goes GREEN when the 1st car passed.
then both go RED for 5 sec and then the car that wants to go up the ramp gets GREEN go ahead.

Thank you


I don't know of any reason why this shouldn't be possible, but I think you will need two sensors of some kind. One on top and on at the bottom of the ramp. you might be able to use the actuator of the door as a sensor. To be honest we could use some more information here.

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Hello Mike

Thank you for your quick reply

yes there are sensor on the ground ( i sink it's some kind of coil ) that are activated when ever a car goes by.


Hello Nuno,

The question remains if you have 2 signals, is their a way you can determine if there is a car wanting to go up the ramp or down. Since you mentioned there are a couple of traffic lights, there should be a way to get 2 signals. If you get those your set.


hello mike

in the mains junction box ( old system, and empty) i have all the wiring, light's ( +- for red +- for gren) and the +- for all the ground sensors.

what i need is a way to get it all to work with an arduino.... and a way to do it so ;=)



Before you do anything you should check with the building owner/management company.

Who takes liability if the design fails and a barrier slams down onto a vehicle or hits someone on the head (the sensor only detects vehicles). If it were me I would not implement something like this in a shared car park for this very reason. People will very quick to blame when something goes wrong.

Hello GC891

Sorry for the late reply.

There are no barriers, only a garage door gate ( vertical) controlled via an ALPR system.

What i am trying to avoid the the congestion on the ramp because no one respects anything and since no one cares, i am trying to come up with a cheap solution for our problem since a local company gived me a cost of 2000€ aprox to do the same thing.

PS - this is a private parking, so everyone knows everyone.