Control circuitry of polymer based display

Hi folks!

I am working on some polymer (PEDOT:PSS) based display. Some basic physics about this display in order to understand what I would like to know.
Such displays operate at 2.5-3 V. They change color from white to blue (reduction state) and blue to white (oxidation state) upon supplying voltages. These displays retain their state (blue or white) for certain period of time even the voltages are removed so they show memory effect more like a capacitor.
I have two types of such display: 1. 7-segment and 2. Matrix of 8x8.

I want to develop separately driver circuitry for both displays means a separate drive for 7-segment and a separate driver for matrix display. I know enough about the operations of these display

I want to ask that from which point I should start with? I have googled for driver and I found lot of block diagrams of drivers for example 7-segment (LED) displays which consists of decoder, multiplexer etc. Can anybody provide me some starting help designing of this driver?
I am very thankful to you.
Thanks for your time to read my problem.