Control DC motor with encoder using serial monitor

Hello everybody:

Well, my problem is that I'm trying to control the movement of a DC motor, specifically a Maxon A- max 22 model 110164 and it also comes with a encoder which is 110778, the pulse generator is 16 pulse/rev.
I achieved to track the movement of the motor using a different controller to feed the motor and an Arduino Mega to catch the encoder signals A and B.
Now, I'm trying to combine all in only one code, so I was thinking in using the serial monitor in order to input the number of revolutions that I want the motor does, so the code will transform automatically using "map" to relate the revolutions with the number of pulses that catch from the channels A and B of the encoder.

So my problem is how can I do that, I'm using interruptions for both channels, so I don't have problems with getting the number of pulses, i.e. I can track the motor; but I can't achieve that the motor moves if I send a specif number of revolutions because I don't know how to use the counter of the interruptions to put it on an "if - else" or maybe "while" loop, do you have any suggestions.

The motor has 6 wires itself, 2 for DC motor, 2 to feed the encoder and the last 2 are the channels of the encoder.

So, basically what I need is to put a specific number of revolutions in the serial monitor and the motor should move and then stop waiting for another command.

Another problem that I had is when I close the serial monitor and open again after some seconds, the counter of the encoder is reset so it starts again in zero, how can I achieve that the counter starts working immediately after being run the code

Please Help me, I need some suggestions or code examples to control DC with encoder !

I'm also using L298N to control the DC motor

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You will get more help if you post the code and circuit diagrams you have already (use the code tags </>).

Dont try to solve it all at once, break the problem down into small steps. The examples that ship with the arduino IDE are a good place to start in learning to code.