Control DC Motor

My English is not very well.
I want a DC motor turn 5seconds then stop just once (motor turn 5s --> stop)

Should I use interrupt??

Should I use interrupt??

No. Why would you: what's interrupting it? You just need time....

You could do it the easy but bad way and use blink or the slightly more complicated but good way and use blink without delay.

You also need something to drive the motor, a transistor or MOSFET if only one direction,
and a free-wheel diode across the motor terminals.

My English is not very well

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning...

Post a link or datasheet for the motor.

Interrupts are mostly for time sensitive triggers, at 5 sec with the wind up and wind down, you might as well just use a simple looping program that poles a pin for its state ever few millisecond.