Control DC motors with a ps3 controller


I have a project in process and i need to know how can i control dc motors with a ps3 controller. I have already bought a usb host shield a a bluetooth dongle that work to connect the controller wirelesly to the arduino UNO. I only have to know how can i control de dc motors with it.

All the information will be usefull, thank you.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm Spanish :) :roll_eyes:

Google "interfacing Arduino to DC motor" ? The forum is best as asking specific questions about an existing project.

Specifically what sort / size / rating of motor are you wanting to use? Do you want a DC motor in the first place (ie what are you trying to do?)

I also want to control 1 dc motor speed and servo position as I am building a r/c hovercraft... any help will be appreciated...thanks in advance!